17 December 2009


the portraits and such that i've been doing in my sketchbooks seem to have gotten a nice response but i doubt i'd ever be asked to do something like that for the editorial illustration jobs that i think i'd like to get. and so i'm going to embark on a bunch of experiments to figure out how best to go about fully illustrating pieces in a way that i'm happy with.

it's been interesting so far. i'm convinced that i will never be a photoshop guru but i don't think i want to be. the number of things that seem to be possible doesn't seem to have a limit. to boot, i don't find a lot of the ways to do these things very intuitive but maybe i'm just a r'tard. besides, i love the tangibility of hand drawing and inking or painting the base and then finishing off the colour digitally. illustrators of old must've been gods without the tools that seem to be standard today.

anyway this is the first little test. this didn't actually take me that long but maybe you can tell already by how appalled you probably are at it. ha ha.


  1. This is cool, I'd be interested in seeing more.

  2. Thanks. Feel free to let me know what you think too, good or bad. :)