31 March 2012

bottlenose dolphin

everyone nose (...happy mistake? knows...) they're mammals but did you know that all dolphins are porpoises? all porpoises are not dolphins though. their perma-smiles can sometimes belie the fact that in the wild they have to hunt as they are after all carnivorous. i thought they'd eat smaller fish only (and they do–mackerel and even tuna) but the diet of a bottlenose actually is primarily comprised of bottom feeders: shrimp; squid; etc. these dolphins are actually very compassionate though and i wonder if this has to do with their high intelligence. they have attempted to aid not just their own but other sea animals as well. they can swim at speeds around thirty kilometres an hour and can hit nearly five metres high out of the water. they weigh a half a tonne. tursiops truncatus in moleskine.

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