19 November 2011

black bear

when i think of black bears i think of...the office. jim impersonating dwight: "what kind of bear is best? FALSE. black bear." and "bears. beets. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA." i digress. the first interesting tidbit about black bears that i have is that they can actually be a few different colours. they can be white! cinnamon. bluish (which i think is awesome) gray or black. brown. they spend their summers pretty much alone, eating just about everything. everything. their dormancy in the winter was once not really considered hibernating but that might have changed now. regardless, they don't eat, drink or go onesies or twosies during the winter. black bears were created by the great spirit, according to early inhabitors of the americas (grizzlies were created by the evil spirit). also, winnie the pooh was named after a london zoo female black bear named winnipeg. ursus americanus in moleskine.

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