16 October 2011

bestiary: beaver

say hello to canada's national animal. i never really thought about it like this but national geographic puts it well when they say that these rodents are engineers of sorts, chewing through trees to use for their dams and lodges (homes). it's interesting that they're considered rodents and yet they are not so nimble on land where most other rodents seem to be the most adept. their webbed feet and tails allow them to easily manoeuvre through rivers, lakes, and the ponds their dams create. more evidence that they seem built for the water: the can hold their breath for nearly 15 minutes and even have a set of transparent eyelids. they have built in goggles! i love it. they'll often build their lodges smack dab in the middle of a pond and make the entrance underwater. now that's what i call not wanting to be disturbed. castor canadensis in moleskine.

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