18 September 2011

bestiary: baboon

baboons live in troops that number in the hundreds. they vocalise to communicate within the troop but good old physical force does the trick for the males as well. interestingly, they spend a fair amount of time grooming each other, ridding one another of insects and the like. i'm not sure why their groups are called troops though. a school of fish; a herd of cattle; a troop of baboons? perhaps they're militant? they do eat meat but tend toward more vegetarian diets, often annoying farmers in the african and arab regions they inhabit. baboons are old world monkeys - a distinction i'm finding a little hard to comprehend. aside from tails that don't grip trees, i believe old world monkeys have different nasal and dental structures from apes. papio hamadryas / papio / anubis / cynocephalus / ursinus in moleskine.

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