20 August 2011

bestiary: atlantic blue fin tuna

a source of guilt: eating delicious tuna sashimi...toro....whatever cut, i love it. nevertheless, i try to eat less of the stuff but i have not been able to completely will it out of the diet. maybe one day. being more conscious of the food i eat and where it comes from is something i'd definitely like to focus on, where i can. respecting the animals i eat is important to me. it's crazy to me that such large fish are endangered. longer than i am tall, this type of tuna spans over two metres in length and weighs in at about two hundred fifty kilograms, on average. the surprise among my fact-finding is this: they're warmblooded fish. not earth shattering news but perhaps a good bit of jeopardy trivia. but this allows them to wander into very cold atlantic waters. they eat just about anything. kelp. plankton. crustaceans. squid. eels. etc. they seem like the jocks of the sea. they're built for endurance and speed sometimes migrating from north america to europe several times a year. they're also delicious. to the point that they have been heavily overfished. maybe that one day to stop eating this fish will come sooner rather than later. thunnus thynnus in moleskine.

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