29 April 2008


so i'm really just seeing if this whole blogging thing appeals to me. i`m not much for diaries so i'm not even really sure why i'm bothering with this except to give me a reason to try to doodle in my sketchbook(s) more regularly. i guess the prospect of the odd person actually following along would make me get off my ass to try and update things somewhat frequently. i do do work on more proper pieces but they take me forever. maybe works in progress will go up. artsy fartsy attempts at photography too.

i have to admit i've been partially inspired to do this by the likes of some very talented illustrators: james jean (blog); jillian tamaki - i lived beside her in uni! (blog); jill`s husband, sam; aitor throup`s stuff is cool too; etc. they`ve managed to make a living at what will probably only ever end up being my hobby. maybe i can make something more of it over time. lately i feel like time is running out for me so i`m trying to get my act together to at least try.

some potentially ugly stuff is gonna be posted; pieces are the place to try to get things right. my sketch is basically where i go buck and failures run rampant but it's usually fun either way. for me.

here's an oldie to start.

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